New Drama


  • Ian Toner


A fast-paced, dark comedy about Danielle and Sarah who used to be best friends when they were kids. But they’re not kids anymore. Because they’re 11. Caught on the precipice of adulthood, two very different girls try to navigate the complex and terrifying political minefield that is the school playground, a world occupied by kids who don’t know any better and adults who really should. In doing so they find solace in an unexpected source - each other.

A comic story about friendship, betrayal, loneliness, little break, big break, heartbreak, bike chasing and Penguins (the biscuit, not the flightless amphibian bird).

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Toner, I., (2017) “Animalia”, Studies in Arts and Humanities 3(1), 95-136. doi:

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Published on
29 May 2017
Peer Reviewed