Reclaiming the Left

  • Jonathan Murphy


The Left has been charged with a lack of self-reflection and self-criticism. This article aims to address this concern through a demarcation of liberal-left values from illiberal pursuits in an attempt to reclaim (or reform) the Left to provide a genuine political opposition to the Right. Drawing together diverse perspectives, and extrapolating from direct quotations and research, four markers of extremism are identified. These markers relate to ideas of equity, culture, free speech and identity. It is hoped readers see this critique as a useful contribution in a crucial conversation on the values we want to preference in our society, a conversation we need to continue.

Keywords: Heterodox Academy, Pluralism, Right and left (Political science)

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Murphy, J., (2018) “Reclaiming the Left”, Studies in Arts and Humanities 4(1), 4-39. doi:

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Published on
13 Jun 2018
Peer Reviewed