Utopianism in the UK

Everyday Moments of Disruption: Navigating Towards Utopia

  • Molly Ackhurst


Representations of utopia are often streamlined into being an end goal, a concrete vision for a better future. For mainstream sexual violence organisations, utopia is largely simplified into being a world without sexual abuse, and the path to this utopia is breaking the silence to end the violence. Through utilising utopic theory, this article will unpick this concentration, and suggest a re-direction towards focusing more on the granular parts of utopia. Davina Cooper’s concept of everyday utopias will be utilised, alongside the radical work of adrienne maree brown and Walidah Imarisha to highlight the positive alternatives that lie in everyday utopian social justice practices. Drawing on the work of three groups the author currently organises with, Hollaback! London, Sisters Uncut and the Silenced Museum, an opposition between the teleological narrative of early feminist movements and the everyday utopianism of grassroots organising will be drawn. In doing so the article expands upon three core practices fostered in these groups, these being intersectional prefiguration, visionary fiction-ing, and everyday disruptions. It will thus be suggested that mainstream sexual violence organisations in the UK engage in a process of unlearning and learning to better navigate towards an everyday utopian world free from sexual violence.

Keywords: Sexal violence, Rape crisis, Hollaback!, Sisters uncut, Everyday utopia, Emergent strategy, Octavia Butler, Intersectional prefiguration, Visonary fiction

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Ackhurst, M., (2019) “Everyday Moments of Disruption: Navigating Towards Utopia”, Studies in Arts and Humanities 5(1), 115-128. doi: https://doi.org/10.18193/sah.v5i1.169

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Published on
30 Apr 2019
Peer Reviewed