Celebrating Imperfection through Perfect Images: Guillermo del Toro’s Work

  • Hayley Arizona Roche


This piece examines the most recent work of the acclaimed Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, focusing on his use of intertextuality, self-referentiality and subversion as stylistic elements that to simultaneously critique and celebrate cinema Through his unique visual aesthetics and mastering of the mise-en-scène, del Toro explores themes of identity, displacement and humanity Famed for his use of ‘monster-as-metaphor’ narratives, his work is rich in cinematic language and iconography that acts as both an homage to his idols and inspiration for his fans.Del Toro acts as a film historian, a bibliophile, a critic and a fan, championing those on the edges of society while rejoicing in his Mexican heritage.

Keywords: Del Toro, Guillermo, 1964-, Transnational communication and critical/cultural studies, Identity, Intertextuality, Motion pictures, Horror & supernatural fiction

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Roche, H. A., (2020) “Celebrating Imperfection through Perfect Images: Guillermo del Toro’s Work”, Studies in Arts and Humanities 5(2), 80-93. doi:

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Published on
14 Jul 2020
Peer Reviewed