Irish media: slow to get up to the pace of the game

  • John Greene


This piece reflects on my professional and personal involvement in sport, as editor of a national newspaper and coach of a girls' youth team at my local GAA club. In so doing, it highlights some of the prejudices I saw first-hand while coaching teams which, in turn, opened my eyes to my own failures in my role as sports editor. The first camogie supplement in a Sunday newspaper sports section broke this glass ceiling. Arguably, the responsibility on native media outlets to include more coverage of women's sports is increasing as mainly UK broadcasters enter the Irish media scape.

Keywords: Sport, Women, Media, Newspapers, Gender, Disparity

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Greene, J., (2021) “Irish media: slow to get up to the pace of the game”, Studies in Arts and Humanities 7(1), 208-211. doi:

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Published on
03 Jun 2021
Peer Reviewed