The Studies in Arts and Humanities journal aims to be all-encompassing in terms of subject, contribution and readership in the field of arts and humanities. The main objective of SAH is to facilitate a challenging yet accessible intellectual platform for a diverse range and lively mix of critical analysis and informed opinion. Although academic content will form a significant and important part, the journal aims to reach out to a wider audience in a broader manner.

SAH is an open access platform for reviewed articles, academic reflections, student studies, book, film and theatre reviews, cultural commentary and opinion pieces, as well as original photography and graphic art.

It is our belief that divisions between academic disciplines in the arts and humanities are increasingly blurred. To this end we aim to forge a textual cartography that draws on a formidable range of disciplines within the social sciences, arts and humanities.

We welcome cutting-edge papers in the form of literature reviews, original research and exploratory studies, as well as academic reflections written within the frameworks of: drama, film, media studies, photography, journalism, literary and cultural studies, cultural geography, Irish studies, European studies, gender studies, history, economics, social science, sociology, discourse analysis, psychoanalysis, psychology and philosophy.

This journal will be a particularly useful resource for educators and researchers, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students.